A watch that’s ‘all in one’

By Adi Soon.

Following the simplified design of the new Chopard L.U.C. Quattro that was announced in March for the Baselworld 2018 collection, we find the same treatment applied to what is easily the most exclusive model in the L.U.C. collection, the “All-in-One”. Modernity is the quality that the new versions of the watch embody and this is achieved through the use of arrowhead batons for the hour markers, instead of the Roman numerals that were in all previous versions of the L.U.C “All-in-One” since it was launched in 2010.

Chopard’s L.U.C ‘All-in-One’ is available in two stunning new editions: rose gold with verdigris dial, and platinum with gray-blue dial.

With the Roman numerals removed and replaced by comparatively smaller arrowhead batons, there is more open space on the dial — a move that allows the signature L.U.C. sunburst guilloché emanating from the brand name as always, to be more prominent.
The overall effect is a cleaner presentation that is simplified with fewer dial elements for a contemporary feel.


Setting of the tourbillon in the L.U.C 05.01-L movement.

The Chopard L.U.C. “All-in-One” has a unique appeal that can be gleaned just by looking at its name. It truly is an ambitious “All-in-One” watch, with most of haute horlogerie’s major complications represented, including the perpetual calendar, equation of time, sunset and sunrise times (set to Geneva), orbital moonphase indication and, not to mention, the useful “big date” indication and the whirling tourbillon on the central axis of the front dial. With so much that the watch can do, it rightly dispenses with a typical caseback view of the movement, preferring instead to spread its 14 indicators for the complications on both the front and back faces of the watch.

Setting of the equation of time’s star cam; the moonphase display is painted and lacquered to create a shiny appearance.

Launched in 2010 for the 150th anniversary of Chopard, the watch houses the L.U.C caliber 05.01-L that is Geneva-Seal and COSC-certified, and comes with a staggering 516 components along with an impressive 170-hour power reserve.

With a case size of 46mm in diameter, the watch has a large visual presence and, wearing it on the wrist, the feeling of density is always on one’s mind — not just because of the weight of the precious metal it comes in, but also the density of the complications that it is packed with. It truly is a special watch, and for the L.U.C. collector who wants to ascend to the summit of what the collection can offer, there is no better watch to have — except for, perhaps, the brand’s minute repeater, the L.U.C Full Strike.

Setup of the wheel of the orbital moonphase display.

There are two new versions of the L.U.C “All-in-One”. The first comes in a platinum case with gray-blue dial and matching blue alligator strap, exuding a cool and sleek feel grounded by the on-trend blue tones that dominate. The second version comes with an 18K red-gold case and verdigris (bright bluish-green) dial on brown alligator strap that exudes an overall warmer feel. The color of the dial in this version, “verdigris”, is the same green tone of the patina that forms on copper, bronze or brass when exposed to air or seawater.

Mounting of the power reserve’s lower bridge.

In this instance, however, the same effect is achieved via galvanic treatment, ensuring that it will not change over time, yet gives the same warmth of a nice patina.
Both versions are limited to 10 pieces each.


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