Bell & Ross designs its own plane

After designing racing cars inspired by aeronautical shapes, Bell & Ross has now designed a plane of its own!

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Every year in Reno, Nevada, at the edge of the American desert, the scene is set for the most extreme speed competition in the aviation world. Created in 1924, this event brings together aircrafts flying at full speed and at very low altitude, on a closed circuit delineated by 10-metre-high pylons.

The BR-Bird, brainchild of Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross’s co- founder and creative director, is an ultramodern single-seat, propeller-engine aircraft, built entirely of high-tech material (graphite, berglass, titanium and aluminum alloy), the BR-Bird is powered by a V12 Rolls Royce Falcon developed on a Merlin base (names that have legendary status in aviation, particularly thanks to the legendary English Spitfire).

Two watches inspired by the new plane are part of the 2018 offering from the brand.

BRV1 and BRV2 Racing Bird watches.

The dial is white, like the fuselage of the plane. The numerals, bezel, chronograph counter and strap are blue, like the empennage and decorative elements tracing the aerodynamic lines of the BR-Bird.

On the dial, the numerals use the same typography as the on- board counters, and the date window shows three numerals –a direct reference to ight instrumentation.