It’s snowing!

Maybe not where you are, but certainly where Corum is.

This Christmas, Corum launches four editions of its famous Golden Bridge, decorated entirely with snow-set diamonds, a meticulous process done entirely by hand.


As each diamond is different, they must hand-applied to be as close to one another as possible, interlocking to the micron so the edges are almost touching. Each diamond is individually chosen and placed. The final composition is similar to a fresco or an expressionist painting, featuring many diamonds set individually and creating, together, the coherent image of a whole.

As each diamond has a unique size, so too must each claw used for setting. It is a task requiring extreme precision which prevents the setting from being standardised, as each claw is individually worked to set its diamond and it alone.

Two models will be available in the snow setting: the Golden Bridge (with a 34 x 51 mm barrel-shaped case) and the Miss Golden Bridge (21 x 43 mm).

“Ultimately, each snow-set Golden Bridge is completely unique”, explains Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “They are at once true Fine Watchmaking and Fine Jewellery pieces, and we will never make two which are identical. This covering reflects Corum’s philosophy of thinking outside the box, of breaking with convention, to offer our collectors a calibre that is completely unique, our baguette movement, and a highly exclusive setting that had almost never been used in Corum’s history”.

Each case is fully set, including the crown, giving a unique glimmer to the baguette movement which stretches up and down the case and is entirely visible through the anti-reflective double sapphire crystal.

Each piece will be released in white gold and pink gold, meaning there are four models in total, for a total of 314 diamonds for the Golden Bridge and 245 diamonds for the Miss Golden Bridge, representing 2.68ct and 1.28ct respectively.






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