Don’t forget to water it! Introducing the H.Moser & Cie Nature Watch

Silicon, titanium, steel… foliage? That’s now an actual list of some of the materials you might see in a contemporary watch, thanks to the wags at H. Moser & Cie.

The Moser Nature Watch has been launched ahead of SIHH as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable development in watchmaking and beyond.

Among the functions of the Moser Nature Watch are the ability to tell time (usually, but not always, a prerequisite in watchmaking) but also the ability to recycle Co2 and purify oxygen, which are, erm, never prerequisites.

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And while this undoubtedly headline-grabbing watch will certainly raise a few eyebrows and hopefully tickle a few funny bones, the offbeat watchmaker is hoping to share a more serious message courtesy of this one-off wearable garden.

It has been launched in tandem with an announcement by the brand that they will be using Fair Trade materials much more widely in their watches as they fulfil the certification conditions of the Responsible Jewellery Council, a process that has already been started.

Along with remembering to wind this watch, you will have to water it twice a day, too.

Finally, the brand seeks a zero carbon footprint within its manufacturing, producing watches using more efficient methods and offsetting residual footprint by buying carbon credits. In addition, they have announced an initiative with Room to Read, an international organisation dedicated to improving literacy and gender equality in education.

“Because we are aware that these initiatives have a limited impact outside our industry, and because we are convinced that education is the key to eco-friendly sustainable development, we are committing to supporting organisations spearheading ambitious educational initiatives,” says a brand spokesperson. “Room to Read works hard to ensure every child has access to education. This partnership will support various special initiatives including creating several unique timepieces and donating 10 children’s books for each visitor to the H. Moser & Cie. booth during SIHH 2019.”

A unique piece in steel adorned with succulents, moss, mini Echeveria, cress, spiderwort and onion sets, with a dial in natural mineral stone and lichen from the Swiss Alps, and a strap made from grass.

The watch features an actual movement – the hand-wound HMC327 Calibre, and has a 32mm dimension. The strap is steel and grass (a sentence this editor never imagined she would write in her entire life) and the dial is comprised of natural mineral stone and lichen from the Swiss Alps. Its case is ‘constantly growing’ and will require careful tending with a tiny gardening kit.

You can watch a video of the watch here.

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